Recent Developments

Media and Professional Sports

Kaamil Ansar produced and directed a film titled "Pakistan Sport – A Winning Tradition" to raise funds for a leading cancer hospital in Pakistan – a registered charity. The film was broadcast on national network television in Pakistan.

A letter to the Editor of the Financial Times from Kaamil Ansar appeared in the Financial Times titled "Scintillating milestones will continue to inspire." See the letter here.

The American College of Commercial Finance Lawyers

Kaamil Ansar was inducted as a Fellow of The American College of Commercial Finance Lawyers on April 14, 2018 in Orlando, Florida.

Mergers & Acquisitions

The Ansar Law Firm represented a UK Medical Services Companyin connection with a proposed sale to a U.S. Life Sciences Corporation.

Financing of Renewable Energy Projects:  A Global Analysis and Review of Related Power Purchase Agreements (the Guide)

The Guide was published by the American Bar Association (the ABA) on January 8, 2019, as the world continues to fight the threat of climate change following the signing of the Paris Agreement in December 2015.

The Guide provides for the first time in one publication, two essential components of investment in renewable energy:  analysis of the regulatory framework for renewable energy in 59 jurisdictions worldwide (including the United States) representing a global population of 4.7 billion, and analysis of related power purchase agreements.

The Guide represents the work of 44 law firms from North America, Latin America, Western Europe, Eastern Europe, the Middle East, South Asia, North Africa, East Africa, West Africa, Southern Africa, East Asia, South East Asia, and Asia-Pacific.

Mr. Kaamil Ansar is the Contributing Editor of the Guide.  All proceeds from the sale of the Guide go solely to the ABA.

The overriding objective of the Guide is to build a platform for investment in renewable energy in each of the 59 participating jurisdictions referred to above.

The wider the audience for the Guide the more likely it is that this objective will be realized.  To that extent, Mr. Ansar is fully invested in achieving the Guide’s success.

The Ansar Law Firm acted as lead counsel in the origination, arrangement, structuring, and execution of the project represented by the Guide.

The American Bar Association

The mission of the ABA is to serve equally its members, the legal profession and the public by defending liberty and delivering justice as the national representative of the legal profession in the United States.

The ABA seeks to serve its members, provides benefits, programs and services which promote members’ professional growth and quality of life.  The ABA has over 400,000 members.

The ABA’s diverse activities also include being an advocate for the legal profession, promoting the best quality legal education, competence, ethical conduct and professionalism, and pro bono and public service by the legal profession in the United States.

The ABA seeks to eliminate bias and enhance diversity, and also promotes full and equal participation in the association, and the justice system by all persons.  It also seeks to eliminate bias in the legal profession, and the justice system.

The ABA also seeks to advance the rule of law, increase public understanding of and respect for the rule of law, the legal process, and the role of the legal profession in the United States and throughout the world. It holds governments accountable under the law, works for just laws, including human rights, and a fair legal process.  It assures meaningful access to justice for all persons and preserves the independence of the legal profession and the judiciary.




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